KREOTEC is applied to either, compliment or reduce the reliance on chemical fertilizer, to increase yield which is achieved by;

1. Improve fertilizer Efficiency and Reduction of Nutrient Run off

With the prolonged use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer, naturally occurring microbe organism in the plant and soil are often destroyed. This lack of specific microbes leads to poor nutrient uptake by the plants and a high loss of the applied fertilizer into the environment.

KREOTEC consists of 3 natural occurring microorganisms that improve the solubilisation and uptake of nutrients. This improved nutrient use efficiency of the applied fertilizer can lead to both an increase in productivity in crop yield, in addition to the reduction of applied fertilizer into the environment.

2. Increase Nitrogen Delivery to Plant through Nitrogen Fixation

Two of the three C-active Microbes within KREOTEC are capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Through various trials conducted by Thinkbio, this has been quantified as delivering up to 30 kg nitrogen to the crops across the growing season.

This delivery of nitrogen by the microbes is a slow, steady supply to the crop as opposed to a nitrogen flush on application of trifixN. This delivery of nitrogen by the microbes is a slow, steady supply to the crop and will continue throughout the crop cycle. In some crops with long life cycles a second application of KREOTEC is recommended.

3. Improvement in Plant Health and Ability to Cope with Stress

C-active Microbes also produce an increase in phytohormones leading to an improved root growth, water adsorption, and mineral uptake. These factors combined assist the crops in periods of drought and other stresses.

Kreotec improves the delivery of nitrogen to the crop through enhanced nutrient use efficiency and nitrogen fixation, allowing growers to reduce levels of applied inorganic nitrogen.