Executive Board Members

Lisa Anderson

Founder & Managing Director

Sets and implements strategic direction of business.

Maria Angeles Rodriguez

Operations Manager and Board Member

Manages product production, QA and logistics in Spain.

Non-Executive Board Members

Jesús Juarez

Board Member

Jesús is the CEO of Symborg, a world leading company in the production and distribution of agricultural biologicals.

Tom Gregson

Board Member

Tom has global experience in corporate finance -PwC Australia and NY. He is involved in a family farming operation in Australia.

Contracted Services

David Hawkey

AgriSci Pty Ltd

Research Agronomist & Technical Support

Manages Thinkbio’s field trial program and provides technical support to distributors globally.

Cassandra Schefe

AgriSci Pty Ltd

Soil Scientist

Provides scientific support to field trial program and broader industry relevance.

Andre Santos

Symborg SL.

Regulatory Affairs

Manages product compliance for Thinkbio globally

Antonio Bernabe

Symborg SL.


Responsible for product development and R&D.