Kreotec’s proprietary formulation allow the selected strains of bacteria to be foliar applied to directly inoculate the crop. Once inoculated, the bacteria colonise the plant and are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen and increase the production of the nitrate reductase enzyme, both mechanisms leading to elevated levels of nitrogen available to the plant. The improved nitrogen use efficiency has the dual benefit of increasing crop productivity whilst reducing the amount of nitrogen lost into the environment.

Growers around the world are able to use the improved nitrogen delivery facilitated by the Kreotec microbes to either compliment the use, or reduce their reliance on applied fertilizer.

Kreotec can be used in all crops with either one or two applications subject to the length of the crop cycle.

Incorporating patented C-active Microbial Technology™ 


Increases Ammonia (NH3) through Nitrogen Fixation

Enhances nutrient use efficiency

Increases production of phytohormones

Allowing growers to reduce levels of applied nitrogen by up to 40%.

Microbial complex, 3 x 107 CFU/g: Bacillus velezensis – 1 x 107 CFU/g, Azospirillum brasilense – 1 x 107 CFU/g y Herbaspirillum seropedicae – 1 x 107 CFU/g.

Kreotec is sold as a wettable powder at 200grams/ha and applied as a foliar spray to crops (80-250 litres/ha).  Kreotech is dissolved in the spray tank and agitated well before applying to crops. As the Kreotec microbes enter through the leaf stomata it is important to apply Kreotec in the light of the day when the conditions are not too hot. Early morning or late afternoon is preferable.  

Kreotec should be applied to the crop at around BBCH 13 -16 stage. 

Kreotec‘s microencapsated microbes are able to co applied with selected fertilzers and agricultural chemcials. Coapplication is possible with a number of herbicides including but not limited to; Pendimethalin, Glyphosate, Isoxaflutole, Formasulfuron and Thiencarbazone. For further compatibilities see the Thinkbio website. 

Kreotec contains microencapsuated bacteria which allow the product to be stored at ambient temperatures under 400c for a period of 6 months. For prolonged storage up to 2 years or in extremely temperatures, is it recommended that Kreotec in stored in the fridge at 40c.

Kreotec improves the delivery of nitrogen to the crop through enhanced nutrient use efficiency and nitrogen fixation, allowing growers to reduce levels of applied inorganic nitrogen.