What to Look for Post Application

Since KREOTEC is a plant growth promoting inoculant, plant growth promoting effect should be observed in the paddock.  As soon as 2 weeks after application the following plant growth indicators maybe observed in KREOTEC applied crop:

  • Improved and increased plant growth (Measured as biomass)

  • Larger root system

  • Increased waxy cuticle on the leaf surface

  • Decreased wilting due to water stress (Improved turgor pressure)

  • Increased uptake of macro and micronutrients in the leaf, especially nitrogen.

  • (Nitrogen should be measured as nitrate and total nitrogen)

  • Increased chlorophyll (Measured by SPAD meter or green seeker)

  • Increased brix levels

  • Increased yields

Effects are best observed during rapid growth.  Noticeable effects are less prominent at full maturity or during grain fill.

Ultimately, increased yields will be the results of one or several plant growth factors being influenced by KREOTEC microorganisms.  Occasionally, a colour change in the crop maybe observed as a result of ideal environmental conditions and excellent application.  Noticeable effect are better witnessed in developing countries where yield are low and there is a greater room for yield improvement.

Kreotec improves the delivery of nitrogen to the crop through enhanced nutrient use efficiency and nitrogen fixation, allowing growers to reduce levels of applied inorganic nitrogen.