Inoculation is KEY to achieving reliable and consistent product efficacy. The effectiveness of C-active Microbial Technology in the field, results from the delivery of a high viable number of C-active endophytes inside the plant. Endophytes live within plant tissue and have a beneficial effect on plant growth promotion and nutrient uptake.

Thinkbio’s unique application method of foliar applied trifixN allows the microbes to enter directly into the plant through the stomata on the leaf which avoids the variable condition in the soil such as pH, temperature, moisture levels and competing pathogens. which are traditionally associated with soil application. This method of fast and reliable application of C-active microbes directly into the plant, is critical to making the product effective.

To facilitate the process of inoculation of C-active microbes into the plant, Thinkbio has developed a proprietary Activator. This Activator is combined with the C-active microbes in the spray tank and is another contributing factor to rapid and reliable inoculation.

Optimising Inoculation in Different Crops

In order to optimise the highest number of living C-active Microbes inside the plant, the Thinkbio research team has developed testing method to detect the C-active Microbes inside the plant.

The detection of the C-active Microbes enables Thinkbio to make highly informed recommendations as to the optimal inoculation strategy and timing of each crop to ensure a consistent and reliable rate of inoculation.

Tomato Seedling

IMAGE 2. C- active microbes inside a tomato root tissue 2 hours after application at the commercial rate of trifixN (1000X magnification)

IMAGE 3. C-active Microbes inside a tomato root (1000X magnification)

IMAGE 4. Tomato Leaf (1000X magnification)

Why is Inoculation so KEY in achieving product efficacy?

Once inside the plant, the C-active microbes are in a protected environment in ideal condition in which they can grow and multiple. Once inside the plant, the C-active microbes are able to move about the stems and roots of the plant and have a growth promoting effect on the plant.

Kreotec improves the delivery of nitrogen to the crop through enhanced nutrient use efficiency and nitrogen fixation, allowing growers to reduce levels of applied inorganic nitrogen.