Where should trifixN be used?

Farming systems heavily reliant on chemical N

  • TrifixN can be used to reduce the level and improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizer being used in intensive cropping systems
  • In the example of broad acre up to 30 kg N / ha can be replaced with the application of trifixN. This is equivalent to approximately 65kg of urea
  • Benefits extend beyond the environmental gains to also produce an economic return to growers through the lower cost of transport, storage and application

Developing countries and areas where chemical fertilizer is neither accessible nor affordable

  • developingtrifixN’s application in developing countries and areas with limited to no chemical fertilizer, is to provide additional nitrogen to the crop
  • Additional benefits include the promotion of better root growth and development and improved nutrient availability and uptake
  • Economic benefits include low cost of storage and transport.
  • Concentrated light weigh format means greater accessibility to remote areas (such as by bicycle) which have been unreachable by trucks loaded with tonnes of chemical fertiliser

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

  • stop-signtrifixN does not leach any nitrates or produce any nitrous oxide emissions
  • Can be applied in environmental sensitive zones, such as those in the EU, NZ etc
  • trifixN is able to be supplied to the crops as a source of N delivering up to 30 kg N /ha in broad acre application
  • Can be applied during period where application of N is prohibited and does not contribute to a growers’ N limit

Organic Farming

  • trifixN Organic can be used to provide a natural source of N to organic crops
  • NASAA Certified Organic (2440M) Organic farmers
  • Growers Input Scheme (UKE0732)
  • For further information about usage and application to organic crops, please contact our Technical Services staff by emailing