trifixN is thinkbio’s own range of formulated plant growth promoting inoculants that are available for wholesale purchase to agricultural distributors around the world.

The trifixN range uses thinkbio’s patented C active Technology which enhances fertilizer efficiency and improves the nutrient mineralisation and uptake by the plants, with particular emphasis on nitrogen.

Improved N delivery in plants is achieved through fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by our selected strains of bacteria in addition to their catalytic effect of improving the efficiency of chemical nitrogen and other nutrients applied to the crop.

trifixN can be used on all agricultural crops including but not limited to broad acre, horticulture, cotton, sugar cane and others. These inoculants are able to be applied through foliar application or liquid inject if required. TrifixN Organic can able to be used on organic crops.

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TrifixN Range

trifixN Foliar

trifixN Foliar can be applied to all crops as a foliar spray using a boom spray, fertigation, lateral or pivot irrigation or knapsack.

trifixN Liquid Inject (NEW)

trifixN Liquid Inject has been specifically designed for broadacre application.

trifixN Organic (NEW)

trifixN Organic is organically certified by NASAA Certified Organic (2440M) and Organic farmers and Growers Input Scheme (UKE0732).

trifixN Organic can be used on a range of organic crops. For further information on specific crops and trial data please contact Thinkbio’s Technical Support Divison.