Symborg and thinkbio celebrate their international partnership agreement. L-R: Vincent Fuerte, Business Development Manager, Symborg; Felix Fernandez Martin, R&D Director, Symborg; Kyle Merritt, Technical Director, Thinkbio; Lisa Anderson, Managing Director, Thinkbio; Jesus Juárez Molina, CEO, Symborg.

Thinkbio Announces Partnership

thinkbio today announced that global leader in biological crop solutions, Symborg, has taken an equity position in the Australian agtech company.

Specialising in microbial inoculants that are applied to agricultural crops for improved performance and sustainability, thinkbio’s key innovation is a product called trifixN®, a powerful nitrogen fixing inoculant patented by the company.

trifixN is a foliar inoculant that includes C-Active Microbial Technology® for promoting plant growth. Its combination of microorganisms has a catalytic effect in fixing atmospheric nitrogen, increasing hormone and vitamin production and delivering better solubilisation and absorption of nutrients, thereby contributing to increased plant production yield.

Lisa Anderson, thinkbio Managing Director, said the agreement presents an outstanding opportunity for the company to expand globally, leveraging Symborg’s established distribution network and experience in dealing with biological products.

“Symborg has extensive experience in working with growers to educate and introduce biological products into conventional nutrition programs. This is a critical aspect for us as we look to promote the adoption of trifixN® by growers worldwide.

“The agreement provides an opportunity to leverage our respective distribution networks, adding value to global crop production in different markets and environments.”

Symborg will contribute its mature international trading structure which includes subsidiaries in six key international agricultural markets (Mexico, Brazil, USA, Turkey, China, Spain) and a commercial presence in over 30 countries via its distribution network.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to bring Symborg’s product range, which is currently being used by horticultural growers in over 40 countries, to Australian and New Zealand growers in the near future,” Ms Anderson said.

The partnership will also see Symborg and thinkbio share expertise and collaborate on microbial R&D+I (research, development and innovation) projects.

“This is a notable opportunity for us to bring together our R&D teams to share intensive knowledge and opportunities for innovation in the biological space,” Ms Anderson said.

“The biological sector is growing globally at an explosive rate as growers are demanding alternatives to unsustainable farming practices.

“Our objective is to provide growers with innovative technologies that optimise fertiliser efficiency and yields while placing less stress on the environment.”

For Jesús Juárez, Symborg CEO, this collaboration is part of the company’s business model; partnering with research groups and specialist companies to best serve international markets.

“Alliances such as this ensure success and accelerate the access of new technologies to agriculture,” he said.

“We have a lot in common with thinkbio, as young company with significant knowledge and expertise. They have the know-how and a highly qualified team working hard to establish a foundation for ensuring success.

“We are very pleased and excited by the opportunities this presents for us and our customers.”

Symborg and thinkbio are in the process of formalising reciprocal distribution and product agreements, along with planning for collaborative R&D+I programs.

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About Thinkbio

thinkbio ( specialises in the development of endophytic bacterial inoculants for use in agriculture globally.

A privately held Australian agricultural biotech company, thinkbio’s patented technology and core product, trifixN®, enables growers to optimise the efficiency of applied fertilizer, increase crops yields and save money, whilst placing less stress on the environment. It has customers in Australia and partners with other companies to distribute its products throughout the world.

About Symborg

Symborg ( is a leader in agricultural biotechnology research and development. Its innovative biological solutions maximise crop yields and protect the environment, addressing the challenge of sustainability.

It was founded in 2009 by Jesús Juárez and Félix Fernández, both with extensive professional careers in the fields of research and agriculture. With subsidiaries in Europe, USA, LATAM and Asia and a technical sales team specialised in biotechnology, Symborg has become a leading company in Bioagro and its products are used in over 30 countries.

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