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Our Services

Licensing of C-active Microbial Technology

c-active-stampFormulators of agricultural crop inputs are able to licence thinkbio’s patented C-active Microbial Technology for their own use.

As  C-active Microbial Technology is a new technology and agricultural practices vary greatly in different parts of the world, thinkbio technical representatives can assist clients incorporate the technology into existing products, target markets and crops.

Areas of consultation include;

  1. Compatibility testing with fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides
  2. Methods of application
  3. Agronomy specific to C-active Microbial Technology
  4. Education of agronomists and farmers
  5. Trial design

For further information on our services, please contact our Techical Services team

Private Label Product Formulation


Thinkbio works with companies to develop their own private label biological products either utilizing C-active Microbial Technology or creating new products with selected strains of bacteria.

Products may be designed to suit different environmental conditions, crops, application methods and or country registration and legislative requirements.