Our People

Lisa Anderson


Lisa is thinkbio’s newly appointed Managing Director and comes from a background of science and agricultural in first world and developing countries. Lisa’s experience stretches across the full value chain in various agricultural sectors including horticulture, dairy and grain.

With a background in science and time spent working in developing countries, Lisa brings 15 years of valuable knowledge and insights to the company complimenting her extensive commercial agribusiness experience.

Kyle Merritt

Associate Diploma in Biological Laboratory Techniques BSc

Kyle has more than 15 years’ experience in microbiology, cropping systems and business. Coming from the Darling Downs in Queensland his rural background combined with laboratory based skills provides a unique skill set as a developer of inoculants.

As a product developer he has been a successful founder of a number of companies and specialises in the application of endophytic bacteria for increased nitrogen efficiency in crops. His products are commercially available both in Australia and overseas.