Crop and Soil Microbiology

Linking 4 Essential Component to Optimising Yield

Farmers all over the world will look to optimising their yield through a combination of plant genetics, plant nutrition and crop protection. Selection of plant varieties, soil and plant nutrient analysis, as well as prevention of weeds and disease are all essential component to producing a good crop.

But what are farmers doing about the plant and soil biology which is often destroyed through continued use of chemicals?

How critical are microorganisms to optimising your yield?

Thinkbio has carefully selected 3 important naturally occurring microbes that play an essential role in ensuring that the maximum yield potential of a crop can be achieved.

These three microbe strains referred to as C-active Microbes in the trifixN product, are designed to work in conjunction with farmers’ current practises to ensure that last component of optimizing yield can be achieved.

trifixN® delivers the last piece of the puzzle to optimizing your crop yield.