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thinkbio specialises in the research, development and commercialisation of biological inoculants for agriculture.  The company has particular expertise in the use and application of endophytic bacteria selected to enhance fertiliser efficiency and improve the nutrient mineralisation and uptake by the plants, with particular emphasis on nitrogen.

thinkbio’s objective is to provide growers with innovative technology to optimise fertiliser efficiency and yields while placing less stress on the environment. 

The scientists at thinkbio have spent more than 10 years researching and developing biological inoculants to bring science-backed credibility to our product range, supported by strong evidence from field trial data.

Throughout the journey of bringing an idea through to product concept and successful commercialisation, thinkbio has partnered and collaborated with industry leading universities, manufactures and agribusinesses to provide world class technology to farmers globally.

We strongly believe that through the use of our technology, thinkbio can make a signifcant contribution to improving environmental sustainability and increasing productivity in agricultural crops throughout the world.  Like others, we believe there is no choice but to develop, provide and adopt new solutions and tools for farmers to achieve MORE with LESS.

What is a biological inoculant?

c-active-stampWhat is trifixN?

  • trifixN is thinkbio’s own plant growth promoting foliar inoculant which incorporates C-active Microbial Technology.
  • trifixN is used in conjunction with farmers fertiliser regime to improve fertiliser efficiency and enhances nutrient utilisation in plants


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